Wildlife Pin Badges is a website dedicated to showcasing the great range of badges that are available from the many worthwhile wildlife organisations, with links to purchase direct from the organisations or charities.


The best wildlife pin badges are those that come from charities and similar organisations. Not only are they often well designed and educational, but they also help raise vital funds for conservation projects.


Although most wildlife related charities started creating pin badges as a simple fundraising tool since then they have become highly collectable. By creating this database of badges it means fellow collectors can see what badges are available and what is missing from their collections.

Get Involved

Feel free to help build this website! Many pin badges might only be known in some regions or have limited production runs, and a lot of charities don't post about their badges online. Use the 'Contact' page to send me information on any badges I have missed out or are missing images. Some of the images use are in poor quality, if you have any higher quality please let me know on: wildlifepinbadges@gmail.com.

There is also a great group on facebook (Search 'Bird Pin Badges') which discuss new information and trades of pin badge.

RSPB on ebay

Ebay has become one of the more popular selling platforms for all pin badges. The most popular being RSPB badges. When buying badges its always worth purchasing from the official RSPB seller as 100% will go back to them.

Notice: Although I try to use as many of my own images as often as possible, some images I do not personally own. Some images I had to obtain though third parties therefore I cannot personally guarantee they are accurate and unaltered, although to the best of my knowledge they are all correct.

Slow Worm Pin Badge

You can show your support of this site by purchasing your own Slow Worm pin badge. Available via eBay - Click the image to be taken there.

The sale of this pin badge will go into creating the next in the series of wildlife pin badges with half of the funds raised going to worthwhile wildlife charities.

Don't forget to search for the other pin badges still available on eBay!

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