Independent Pin Badges

There are now quite a few people creating their own unique pin badges. This could be to fill in species or design gaps other organisations have missed interesting species or to fundraise for their favourite charity. There are many available on websites like Etsy and sets produced on crowd funding websites like Kickstarter. Few sets and projects to look into, as well as a few of my favourites, can be found below.

Wildlife Pin Badges

These badges are released by ourselves to increase awareness of the website while the charity specials are to raise funds for some great wildlife organisations. Only the charity pins were designed by us, the other wildlife series was only carded by us.


Click here for badges currently available:      Wildlife Pin Badges on eBay

UK Birding Pin Badges

UK Birding pins features common, scarce, rare and mega species of birds. Each pin badge is part of a limited edition of just 100 or 150 sequentially numbered pins. These are very well designed with a high quality finish. 

Visit and buy from here:

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Jonathan Woodward Studios

Jonathan Woodward is an environmentally-friendly wildlife illustrator, working with a mixture of cut paper & digital collage for zoos, aquariums, toy companies & publishers.

10% of the sales of all wildlife badges go to conservation charities supporting that species.

The pin club, which guaranteed you a pin each month, closed in 2020. The last pin made was the #39 Blue Morpho Butterfly with no new designs expected to be made after this.

Last badges left can be found here:

Wildlife Pin Badges Series

Artic Wolf - The Ways Of The Wolf Special

Limited edition glow in the dark Arctic Wolf pin for the release of the 'Ways of the Wolf' book.

Book and pin set available here:

Endangered and Monochrome Species Series


#27 The Wolves

Limited edition backing cards were available with The Wolves pin to mark special dates like anniversaries.




The Birder's Store

The Birders Store is operated by birders for birders and is based at their store in Worcester, England. Established in 2009, they have a proven track record for promptly and efficiently sending bird-related products around the globe.


Limited Kingfisher Pin (200 pieces) and others can be found here.


Butterfly Pin Badges

Produced independently to raise funds for butterfly conservation.

Sold via eBay - Any future pins will be found here.

Hairstreak Butterfly - Male

Purple Hairstreak - Male

Hairstreak Butterfly - Female

Purple Hairstreak - Female

Painted Lady

Knepp Wildland Safaris


The Best of Etsy

Etsy is great place to look for bespoke items and pin badges are no exception. You will find a vast range of pins available at any one time however below are just a handful of ones which I like the design of. Search the shop name (Under the image) to find the sellers.












KickStarter is not somewhere that would be the first place to look for great pin badges but you would be surprised what you might find. Projects will generally consist of a set of pins plus extras versions of the designs on stickers or patches. Generally the sets are more cartoon-like rather than real-life accurate but are very well designed and presented. Here again are some of my recent favourites.

Click on the images for a links to the KickStarter campaigns.

Wild Woods of England

cute snoots snake pins

marvelous mesozoic

Insecta Geometrica

Save the Whales

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