This pages contains the various badges that are produced by many organisations which support projects, which can range from a single species to several animal groups, around the world. Lot of these organisations fundraise in the UK producing badges to fund their work.


The World Parrot Trust (WPT) has brought together global wildlife conservation and welfare specialists to direct and put into action effective programs to protect parrots. Their approach is rooted in science, and is based on decades of first hand experience in the field as well as a deep knowledge of companion parrot husbandry and care.

Original 4 pins were limited to 750.

The 5th and 6th were limited to 1000.

Pins 7 to 18 below state limited edition but aren't numbered.

The first 4 designs were released as a limited edition set signed by the artist himself with just 250 of each available. Since sold out.

Artist Ian Griffiths helped produced their range of parrot pins. Early releases were limited to 750 to 1000 of each design. The newest pins produced do not.

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GCT is the only UK charity working solely for the conservation of the Islands by supporting pioneering conservation projects and raising awareness of Galapagos conservation both in the UK and in Ecuador, they work to ensure the Islands are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Floreana Mockingbird pin badge can be purchased here:

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Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is currently the only UK registered charity working to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action.

Save The Rhino


Save the Rhino International, a UK-based conservation charity, is Europe's largest rhino charity. It works to conserve all five rhino species, by supporting rhino conservation programmes across Africa and Asia


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The Gorilla Organisation

The Gorilla Organization works at the very forefront of gorilla conservation with innovative and award-winning projects in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo.


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The Endangered Asian Species Trust (EAST)

The Endangered Asian Species Trust (EAST) is a UK charity established by Monkey World-Ape Rescue Centre (UK) and the Pingtung Rescue Centre (Taiwan). They tackle illegal wildlife trade, promote eco-tourism and educate the public.

Veterans for Wildlife

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity committed to the protection of wildlife and the world’s critically endangered species. By deploying highly-skilled and experienced former service personnel, Veterans for Wildlife aims to play a key role in conservation and the prevention of wildlife crime. 

#MadRhino campaign pin is no longer available online.

International Otter Survival Fund

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) is one of the world's leading otter charities. In the UK IOSF is the only charity solely dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters based on over 20 years of scientific research in the UK and around the world.

Orangutan Appeal UK

Orangutan Appeal UK is a registered charity dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of orangutans and the conservation of their habitat. The Appeal strives to protect remaining wild populations of orangutans by providing support and funding for projects across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo.


Orangutan Foundation

The aim of the foundation is to protect the orangutan and the conservation of its rainforest habitat whilst caring for and repatriating ex-captive orangutans

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WDC supports and leads ground-breaking scientific research, funding whale and dolphin conservation field projects around the world.

WDC was one of the first charities to offer adoptions as a fundraising tool. The original whale adoption from the 1980's came with  this badge.

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Vulture Conservation

The International Vulture Programme (IVP) is a multi-partner initiative that focuses efforts on the research and conservation of vultures. The IVP is made up of a series of projects in southern Africa and south Asia. There UK Partner is the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

Badge is no longer available online but more information here:

The Sumatran Tiger Trust

The Sumatran Tiger Trust (STT) is an international charity based in the Lake District , UK and the Sumatran Tiger Conservation Programme in Sumatra (PKHS).

*Website no longer active

Wildlife Protection Foundation

The aim of the charity is to study, manage and protect species in the wild and support recognised rehabilitation in maintaining or enhancing species diversity. They focus on advancement of education to the public regarding species conservation as well. This charity is based and runs from South Lakes Safari Zoo, as does STT.

*Website no longer active

World Wide Fund for Nature

World Wide Fund for Nature, known better as WWF, is an international non-governmental organisation founded in 1961, working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of humanity's footprint on the environment. WWF is the leading organisation in wildlife conservation and endangered species in the world.

WWF has bases around the globe with different countries producing various branded items including stamps and pin badges to promote the organisation.


See the 'WWF' page for other WWF badges.

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