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The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK's leading charity for the protection of seas, shores and wildlife. They have a series of over 10 badges. These are available from their website in select sets, examples below.


Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust

Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) is a marine conservation charity that takes action through a unique programme of community based research and education. This two pronged approach ignites strong local stewardship and supports meaningful change for the conservation of Hebridean cetaceans and marine life.


National Lobster Hatchery

The National Lobster Hatchery is a pioneering marine conservation, research and education charity. Their primary aim is to help conserve the vulnerable lobster populations and preserve coastal marine biodiversity.

The badge can be found here:!/Claude-the-Lobster-pin-badge/p/26570744/category=3670014


Orca is working to identify and protect critical whale and dolphin habitats in our waters and beyond. Together with governments, research institutions and other conservation charities they help to create safer places for whales and dolphins.

More information on the organisation can be found here:

The Seahorse Trust

The Seahorse Trust works with partners all over the world setting up and helping local seahorse surveys. They have partners in Malta, Spain, France, Italy, Bermuda, Japan, Brazil, Australia and many other countries.

The badge comes as part of the membership package which can be found here:

Wild Trout Trust

The Wild Trout Trust is a conservation charity that stimulates hands-on, in-the-water projects, helping others to help themselves with habitat improvement in and around rivers and lakes.

The badge is bought here:

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