Other Wildlife and Mixed Sets of UK Pin Badges

Badger Trust

Badger Trust
Badger Trust Day

Badger Trust Day

Badger Trust Face

Badger Trust badges can be bought here:


The Badger Trust promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats. They report wildlife crimes and promote vaccinations. #CANTHECULL

Wildcat Haven

Wildcat Haven

Wildcat Haven is a project designed to protect the Scottish Wildcat by preventing hybridisation with feral cats and providing a network of reserves to manage as wildcat habitat.

Information about their work can be found here:


Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust

ARC Newt

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC) was created around the core of the Herpetological Conservation Trust (HCT), in response to the wider needs of herpetofauna conservation, providing the UK focus for all aspects of reptile and amphibian conservation.

ARC Crested Newt pin:


Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital (Wildlife Trust)

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is based near Chichester, and serves the South of England. They are dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation and release of sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife. Several re-branded logo pins were produced.

The current one can be purchased here: https://shop.brentlodge.org/


Original Logo


Older Logo


Current Logo


OneKind exists to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals. We expose cruelty and persecution through our investigations and research, and end it for good by giving Scotland’s animals a voice.

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