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The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organisation, founded in 1961, working for nature preservation and the reduction of humanity's footprint on the environment. It was formerly named the World Wildlife Fund, which remains its official name in Canada and the US just to make it confusing.

WWF has bases around the globe with different countries producing various branded items to fundraise including stamps and pin badges. Some of which are internationally distributed while others can only be purchased in the specific country.

The WWF-UK seeks to promote and raise awareness around the key environmental issues that faces our planet today. Together with the WWF Network, it looks for solutions to these issues, engaging with governments, businesses and communities both in the UK and around the world.

The panda logo pin badge is exclusive to members. Membership information can be found here:


All badges produced by WWF UK can be found on this page:



WWF opened its Hong Kong office in 1981 with a mission to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment. A few years later they branch started managing the Mai Po Nature Reserve. Species that feature on the lapel pins are visitors to the amazing nature reserve.

Badges can be purchased here, if you are based in Hong Kong or surrounding areas:



WWF-India, established on 1969, in keeping with the tenets of its parent organisation addresses issues like the survival of species and habitats, climate change and environmental education. Over the years, its perspective has broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of conservation issues facing the country. They have a lapel pin series, focusing mainly on birds.

Lapel pins can be purchased here:


WWF Canada

Produced in 1986 by World Wildlife Fund of Canada in partnership with Activa promotions this 'Animals of the World' pin collection was available readers of the Toronto Sun. All proceeds went to WWF-Canada.


WWF Australia

Produced by World Wildlife Fund of Australia at the same time as the Toronto Sun version in Canada. 'Animals of the World' pin collection was available readers of the Sunday Telegraph. All proceeds went to WWF-AU.

WWF New Zealand

Produced by World Wildlife Fund of New Zealand but there is very little information about them. Currently not available online.

WWF America

Produced by World Wildlife Fund of America in partnership with ShopKo for their 30th Anniversary in 1992. Each 'Go Wild!' pin came with a collector trading card of the species.


WWF Netherlands, also known as Wereld Natuur Fonds (WNF).

WNF Rangerclub is WWF-NL youth program / membership. Currently there are no pin badges available.

WWF France

WWF International - Vanishing Species Series

The vanishing species series seems to be a worldwide badge set, originating in the early 90's.  Some are much more common than others such as the panda, macaw and tiger. The wolf and turtle are fairly hard to come by were as the rhino, gorilla and quetzal are very rare indeed. Colour and size variants exist with most designs.


Branded variations:

Other WWF

These pins are from unknown origins. I am working on gathering more details.

WWF International Logos


WWF Russia gives out a silver logo pin badge for the members of their 'Earth Keepers' program.


WWF France's membership pack comes with this logo pin.


WWF Japan gives out a simlar rectangular logo pin badge to their members, however with a gold trim.

WWF Malaysia has a similar members pin again, with primary silver background.



WWF Sweden gives out a gold logo pin with their 'brand' membership packs.

Other WWF Logos

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